The new Zetros.
Accept no limits.


No limits. No compromises.

From the outset, Zetros was designed to deliver on all fronts. The latest generation continues the Mercedes-Benz legacy of outstanding quality, and is more powerful and versatile than ever before. This range of trucks is extremely efficient, robust and user-friendly – and is at home on any terrain.

All roads and no roads.

You need more than a conventional truck. You need a reliable vehicle that can smoothly and swiftly switch between paved and non-paved surfaces – even when transporting heavy loads. One that can navigate extreme off-road conditions with ease, without compromising comfort or safety. And one tailored to your specific challenges.

Highly efficient, highly effective.

You want to maximize your return on investment. With this in mind, Zetros has been streamlined for efficiency. It boasts a high level of fuel economy and an innovative dual tank system, helping to keep costs down and reduce time spent refueling. It is easy to load, and it can transport either crew or cargo in line with your imperatives.

Build to succeed, build to last.

Zetros was developed with longevity front of mind. The result is a vehicle you can count on time and again under demanding conditions. It is designed to deliver outstanding performance on rough ground – even with low-quality fuel. From the blistering cold to scorching heat, it stays the course in any weather. You do not back down when going gets tough, and neither should your truck.

Ease of operation, ease of maintenance.

Your time is valuable. So learning to operate your truck should be quick and straightforward. Zetros is highly intuitive – making it easy for drivers to unlock its full potential.  And to ensure it stays up and running, cleaning, maintenance and repairs are simple to carry out. Moreover, our extensive service network ensures spare parts and expert assistance are readily available, whenever and wherever you require them.


The Zetros provides sturdy and efficient technology – proven for decades – for difficult operations worldwide.  On hard-going routes and in adverse climates the Zetros responds with sleek simplicity: Intuitive handling and easy maintenance make the Zetros a reliable and trustworthy problem-solver.

Driving dynamics.

High driving power and high torque. Find out more about engines, drivetrain and transmission of the Zetros.


Power for transport capability on all terrains.

Immense drive power and high torque make the Zetros a performant transport vehicle in any terrain – and prepare it optimally for its multifaceted operations around the world.  All components of the Zetros engines and drivetrains are designed to tackle the most demanding on and off-road operations. Transmissions and engine cooling systems are trimmed for performance and for extreme climatic conditions.

Technical Specifications.

  • up to 350 kW (476 hp)
  • inline 6-cylinder OM 460 engine
  • compliance with Euro III emissions standard
  • from a 12,8 l displacement
  • maximum torque of 2.300 Nm available at 1.100 rpm

Euro V variants with up to 375 kW (510 hp) will follow in 2020.


Maximum performance on all wheels.

Its permanent all-wheel drive optimally equips the Zetros for operations on difficult terrain and already affords high driving stability, directional stability and maximum traction on roads. The off-road ratio can be activated only when the vehicle is stationary. The differential locks prevent off-road spinning of individual wheels and thereby provide the appropriate traction on rough terrain.

Technical Specifications.

  • mechanical differential locks at the front and rear axles as well as in the transfer case
  • standard inter-axle and inter-wheel differential locks

Off-road capability.

Its permanent all-wheel drive and its reinforced frame make the Zetros a reliable and durable partner. Even on extreme and challenging terrains.

Frame and chassis.

High resilience and flexibility.

The Zetros offers superior handling characteristics thanks to special spring-damper tuning. The chassis is sturdy and specially designed for off-road operations. Long spring travel, large-volume shock absorbers and stabiliser bars provide a high level of ride comfort and top off-road capability.

Optimal frame conditions off-road. A sturdy, long-life ladder-type frame with open C section longitudinal members and bolted C section crossmembers was conceived on the basis of the straight frame of the Arocs. Inside reinforcements yield the utmost resilience. The front end of the frame was also appropriately designed for attaching front-mounted implements and raising or towing the vehicle. The frame concept moreover allows high torsional flexibility with regard to the bodies.

Technical Specifications.

  • axle suspension uses parabolic springs
  • axle articulations of 2 x 500 mm along the diagonal
  • variants available for adjusting different axle loads

Axles and tyres.

For every type of application.

The sturdy and dirt-protected cast-steel planetary hub reduction axles with a technically possible axle load of 7.5 t (optionally 9 t) at the front axle and up to 10 t with single tyres at the rear axle perform impressively in any application. Depending on the version, rear axle loads of up to 16 t are possible in combination with twin tyres.

The spare tyre, wholly equivalent to the mounted tyres, is located securely under the frame on the left side of the vehicle, saving space and affecting neither the vehicle's breakover angle nor its ground clearance. And by means of the spare wheel jack it can be removed and replaced easily.


Fording depth and approach angle.

No detours, but right through.

With elevated ventilation and air intake above the cab, as well as fording-capable headlamps, the Zetros achieves an optional fording depth of 800 mm - with appropriate modifications. For unlimited maneuvering even in deep water and mud.

Thanks to its high ground clearance and approach angles up to 35° there are almost no limits set in the terrain.


The Zetros offers valuable benefits for the driver – on rough roads and difficult terrain as well as on long-distance missions.


Developed for the driver.

Due to the design principles of a bonneted truck which places the cab behind the front axle, the driver benefits in many ways –  especially on unpaved roads and off-road terrain. The bonnet in front increases driving comfort with smooth, forgiving handling.

The lack of an engine tunnel enhances freedom of movement in the cabin and enables safe entry and exit on the side of the vehicle facing away from traffic. The generous cab provides space for up to three fully fledged single seats and stowage space for equipment or a foldable bench on the back wall. The result: drivers safely handle the Zetros and cover long distances with less fatigue.

Technical Specifications.

  • spacious steel cab with 3-point bearing mounting
  • up to 1.400 l storage space
  • full-fledged co-driver seat and optional middle seat with integrated three-point seat belts 
  • steering wheel adjustable in height and tilt
  • easy entry and exit and plenty of legroom

For all climatic conditions.

Keep cool in every situation.

The Zetros is designed for challenging operations even in extreme climate. From brooding desert heat to bitter cold. So that the driver can always concentrate on his task.

Technical Specifications.

  • Powerful heating and ventilation system, with optional air conditioner
  • Optional auxiliary water heater
  • Optional additional heat insulation


  • Use of proven and long-lasting Mercedes-Benz standard components
  • wear-resistant drum brakes
  • reinforced cooling systems
  • extensive corrosion protection
  • application-optimized filter technology
  • reinforced frame
  • robust steel cab
  • millionfold in use engines with poor fuel quality ability
  • Protected for off-road driving
  • Protective steel wire guards for front lights
  • Fold-up rear underride guard
  • Radiator underride guard
  • Protective steel wire guards for rear lights


The Zetros is easy to operate and a efficient teamplayer in everyday work.

Intuitive Operation.

The ideal workplace always with you.

The Zetros meets the highest standards in ergonomics and ease of operation. The position of the cab minimises jolts and impacts as well as the inherent motion of the cab, for significant ride comfort and relief of both driver and co-driver. The generously designed cab of the Zetros offers freedom of movement and an optimal arrangement of controls and indicators.

Technical Specifications.

  • practical, resilient and easy to clean interior and surfaces
  • driver's cab without engine tunnel
  • outstanding visibility and a maximum overview


Easy maintenance makes the Zetros a reliable and trustworthy problem-solver. Because everything else is already complicated enough.

Bonneted truck.

Continuing the proven truck concept.

The bonnet design of the Zetros provides sturdy and efficient technology – proven for decades – for difficult operations worldwide. On hard-going routes and in adverse climates the Zetros responds with sleek simplicity: Intuitive handling and easy maintenance make the Zetros a reliable and trustworthy problem-solver.

Engine bonnet easily opened without tilting the cab; if required, equipment and occupants can remain in the cab. Extractable steps as well as non-slip step plates and grab handles for easily access of the step-on bonnet, to clean the windscreen or adjust roof attechments.

The name "Mercedes-Benz" stands for specialised commercial vehicles of the highest quality for more than 120 years. At Mercedes-Benz Trucks we are proud of this story. It is a measure and obligation for everything that is shaped today and in the future in the sign of the 3-pointed star. This is also valid in the truck factory, in Wörth, where the Zetros is built for you.


  • easy access to engine compartment without cab tilting
  • walk-on bonnet for windshield cleaning and roof access
  • cyclone filter with see-through dirt container
  • unsophisticated technologies and electronics
  • worldwide service network and spare parts availability


The Mercedes-Benz Zetros is the perfect truck for different areas of application. For the oil, gas and energy, the construction industry, exploration, fire protection, and much more. It combines on and  off-road suitability with high payloads. The Zetros is made of innovative technologies and embodies decades of expertise from Mercedes-Benz.


A real professional for the construction and transport industry: the Zetros concept combines the best of two worlds. Find out more about this construction and transport features, such as loading crane, dump truck, all-wheel drive, transfer case and 6-cylinder inline engines.


A real professional for the construction and transport industry: the Zetros concept combines the best of two worlds. Find out more about this construction and transport features, such as loading crane, dump truck, all-wheel drive, transfer case and 6-cylinder inline engines.

Energy and Mining

The Zetros offers the ideal chassis for a broad range of body options and can handle the most difficult tasks in the energy sector. Find out more now about the rugged transport professional that remains reliable even in extreme operations.

Raw material mining is a job of extremes which demands the highest levels of ruggedness and reliability. Unpaved roads, obstacles on roadways, high humidity and heat all take their toll on the equipment. Such jobs are perfect for the rugged Zetros. The bonnet concept keeps the overall height of 3.021 mm extremely low, making it possible to operate the vehicle below ground in narrow mining galleries. And with payloads 25 t (6x6), the Zetros is a reliable transport professional.

The Zetros combines uncompromising on and off-road qualities and high payloads. It's optimally equipped even for operations under extreme conditions, thanks to its rugged technology and high reliability. The perfect commercial vehicle for on and off-road use can perform the most difficult tasks in the oil, gas and energy sector – whether in exploration or the maintenance of power grids.

The low overall height of the vehicle allows the mounting of bodies, such as work platforms and drilling rigs over the entire vehicle length. In addition, the Zetros offers a broad range of vehicle options for  the integration of special bodies. With a permissible gross vehicle weight of 25 or 40 tons, it's predestined for transport tasks on and off the road, as a workshop vehicle, with crane and dumper, or as a supply vehicle.

Firefighting and Rescue

Whether earthquakes, floods or storms – the Zetros is the right choice wherever the forces of nature transform entire swathes of land into disaster areas. Rescue crews, extinguishing agents and equipment must be brought as fast as possible to the site.

The Zetros handles long distances, rough roads and different off-road passages with superior drivability. It combines its high payload with excellent off-road capabilities while maintaining good road drivability. Thanks to the permanent all-wheel drive, differential locks, optional single tyres, the Zetros provides safe passage for relief workers and physicians. Up to three people have ample space in the roomy cab, with stowage space for work clothes and equipment.

Recreational Vehicles

Breaking new ground, advancing to remote locations, fighting your way through the wilderness.: travelling far away from mass tourism is a lifelong dream for many. The Zetros today is enjoying increasing popularity as a travel and expedition vehicle. The all-wheel-drive truck is perfect for anyone who wants more than just camping. With its extreme off-road capability, standard differential locks, two-speed transfer case, flexible body options for the living accommodation and of course its rugged, maintenance-friendly technology, the Zetros creates experiences which are truly worthy of the word "unforgettable".




With the Zetros, you are banking on a future-oriented concept in which the chassis and drive technology of the Mercedes-Benz truck series, which has proven itself millions of times over delivers uncompromisingly quality and reliability. With the aim to ensure our customers the maximum availability of their vehicle. "Trucks you can trust" is the guideline in all areas of the company, from development through production and sales to service in the workshops.

Service nearby.

Mercedes-Benz customers benefit.

At over 1800 Econic service centres in more than 130 countries, we make sure that you get back on the road quickly. Guaranteed.


Model for success.

With Mercedes-Benz you can be certain that not only your vehicle, but also your financing package will suit you perfectly. We will be happy to advise you.

Technical Data.

Find out here the technical data on the engine programme and variants of the bonnted truck with numerous individual add-on and mounting options for the Zetros.