Logistikbranche gibt Gas.

Clean and quiet driving with the Econic NGT tractor unit.

Big and powerful: the Econic NGT boasts 300 hp and a permissible gross vehicle weight of up to 26 tonnes. This green-fingered special-purpose tractor unit, which has been delivered to the Roma company in Burgau, Germany, features natural gas technology and produces hardly any soot particulate emissions compared to diesel vehicles of this size. The Econic NGT also produces up to 20 percent less carbon dioxide during the combustion of natural gas. The running engine is as quiet as a standard vacuum cleaner. If you were to see a fully loaded Econic on the road, you wouldn't guess that it is especially easy on the environment.

Please note:

The Econic NGT is a discontinued model. The end of production has been announced for 31.12.2021, therefore the vehicle can no longer be ordered after 30.10.2021.

Environmental considerations played a key part in this procurement.

Werner Riedmann, Roma's Head of Logistics and Dispatch


Stern Auto GmbH, an authorised Mercedes-Benz sales and service partner, delivered the first Econic tractor unit with a Euro VI natural gas drive to Roma KG. Roma is a manufacturer of roller blind, Venetian blind and textile screen systems based in Burgau, Bavaria. Werner Riedmann, Roma's Head of Logistics and Dispatch, emphasised above all the ecological aspects of the tractor unit as part of the official key handover for the new Mercedes-Benz Econic NGT (Natural Gas Technology): "Environmental considerations played a key part in this procurement."

The large green semitrailer will cover the route between the production site in Burgau and the new logistics centre in nearby Scheppach. And in the process, it will minimise emissions as much as possible.

A key component in the logistics concept.

The new 2-axle tractor unit with an 18-tonne gross vehicle weight and 3.90-metre wheelbase is the first Mercedes-Benz Econic NGT featuring the highly environmentally friendly Euro VI natural gas drive to have been approved for a gross combination weight of 40 tonnes. The Econic NGT is also an important part of Roma's new logistics and warehousing concept. Customers are particularly pleased about the loading and unloading of the Econic: the height of the semitrailer and the ramp heights at the new logistics centre in Jettingen-Scheppach are optimally matched to one another. This allows the semitrailer to be unloaded conveniently either from the rear or the side. The semitrailer was built by FSN Fahrzeugbau in Bentwisch.

Technical information: Econic NGT.

M 936 G natural gas engine
Displacement: 7.7 l
Power output: 222 kW (302 hp) at 2000 rpm
Max. torque: 1200 Nm at 1200 to 1600 rpm
Allison 6-speed automatic transmission

Ergonomics and efficiency.

Drivers benefit above all from the ergonomics of the Econic. The low-entry design makes frequent climbing in and out easier, while the panoramic windows ensure outstanding visibility of the busy plant traffic.

At the heart of the Econic NGT Euro VI is the new M 936 G natural gas engine. It is based on the OM 936 turbodiesel engine from the new "BlueEfficiency Power" generation and is powered by compressed natural gas (CNG = Compressed Natural Gas).

Virtually CO2 neutral when using biogas.

The emissions when burning natural gas compared to a diesel vehicle are sharply reduced, and when using biogas the CO2 balance is even virtually neutral. It also offers other significant reductions in exhaust emissions when compared with diesel: approx. 50 percent less carbon monoxide (CO) plus about 80 percent fewer hydrocarbons (HC).

Clean Pays Off.

Quiet on the road.

The natural gas engine in the Econic NGT also runs quietly and undercuts the legal requirement of 80 dB(A). This special-purpose vehicle therefore also has the potential to earn future quality seals for particularly quiet vehicles. These are the best prerequisites for daily use, such as use in urban centres.

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