Active Brake Assist 4.

Effective collision warning and independent braking. Now with person detection.

Especially when turning off and at junctions, there is a high danger of collision between trucks and cyclists or pedestrians. Active Brake Assist 4 helps the Econic driver to detect the risk of an accident – with effective warning signals right up to automatic full brake application. Thanks to person detection, in addition to vehicles ahead, weaker road users are also protected.

Precise monitoring via multi-mode radar.

Active Brake Assist 4 is the next step along from the tried-and-tested Active Brake Assist 3. It is based on a new generation of radar technology. The multi-mode radar monitors the area in front of the vehicle and works in all lighting conditions. The distance and the relative speed compared with vehicles ahead or other road users are calculated precisely – in all conditions, including night-time, rain and fog.

Avoiding rear-end collisions – thanks to a clever warning system.

Active Brake Assist 4 reacts to vehicles ahead and stationary obstacles in the vehicle's own lane – at vehicle speeds up to 90 km/h. It measures not only the distances to vehicles in front, but also their speeds. If the system detects the risk of a collision, a three-stage warning is issued:

  • Visual and audible signals warn the driver
  • Partial application of the brakes with approximately 50 % of braking output reduces the speed
  • A full application of the brakes brings the vehicle to a halt, while at the same time the hazard warning lamps are activated

The refined warning system reduces the danger of rear-end collisions and the severity of an accident within the limits of the system. If necessary, the driver can intervene at any time and override the system – for example by steering, activating kickdown or initiating an emergency braking manoeuvre.

The assistance system also reacts to persons.

Outstanding feature of Active Brake Assist 4: the system warns the driver of an impending collision with pedestrians and automatically initiates partial braking. Unlike with the risk of collision with vehicles or objects, in the case of person detection there is not a series of warnings: the audible and visual warning signals are immediate, with simultaneous partial braking. They provide the driver with valuable time to react. This means that a full application of the brakes or a steering manoeuvre can prevent a collision and thus also save lives. 

Person detection functions up to a vehicle speed of 50 km/h and in virtually all traffic situations. Regardless of whether pedestrians walk across the path of the truck, appear from behind an obstacle or are located in the radar area when the truck is turning, the Econic protects weaker road users and provides the driver with reliable assistance.

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