Orange is the new green.

Gas-powered Econic for better environmental performance in Stuttgart.

Their territory is the road - a difficult terrain in the German city of Stuttgart, which has the most to deal with excessive particulate matter pollution. But the orange team has an important mission: waste management. In order to cope with the daily amount of waste in Stuttgart, the regional capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg has gained more in 2017 - with seven new Mercedes-Benz Econic NGTs (Natural Gas Technology). Just six weeks after commissioning, they have drawn a positive balance. And not only in terms of lower emissions, but also in terms of safety and efficiency.

Please note:

The Econic NGT is a discontinued model. The end of production has been announced for 31.12.2021, therefore the vehicle can no longer be ordered after 30.10.2021.

The waste management company has announced the fight against particulate matter in Stuttgart.


Dr. Thomas Heß, Managing Director AWS

Econic NGT allows high ranges.

Every day they drive through the streets collecting and disposing garbage. The Waste Management Stuttgart (AWS) teams cover a distance of 50 to 60 km during one shift. With around 630,000 inhabitants 500 garbage cans have to be empitied in the Stuttgart city area - depending on the district size. Not an easy task, but the seven Econic with natural gas engine are a great help for the workers. Thanks to a tank capacity of 600 l of natural gas and a powerful output of 222 kW (302 hp), long ranges are now the standard.

This makes the Econic NGT ideally suited for practical use and at the same time an expression of a sustainable environmental strategy. Because with the low nitrogen oxide, particulate and noise emissions, the special trucks make a decisive contribution to a green future. The CO2 emissions are up to 20 percent lower than those of a Euro VI diesel engine. Because the monovalent, innovative Econic natural gas engine burns the noble gas almost particle- and fine-dust-free, no further processes are necessary to reach the limit values ​​of the Euro VI standard.

Scores in tight city traffic with maneuverability and safety systems.

Despite of the considerable capacity and a permissible total weight of 26 t, the Econic refuse collection vehicles are particularly well suited for the busy inner city - not least thanks to the wheelbase of 3900 mm. The resulting maneuverability allows a smooth ride even in narrow streets.

Thanks to low-entry construction with a low-positioned driver's cabin and DirectVision windscreen, the Econic also offer the best possible conditions in terms of safety. So drivers have the other road users, such as passers-by and cyclists, much faster in the direct field of view due to the panoramic windscreen and fully glazed folding door. At the same time they are supported on request by numerous assistance systems: emergency braking system Active Brake Assist, adaptive cruise control and more ensure a safe journey.

Safety Assistance Systems of the Econic at a glance.

Low emissions of nitrogen oxides, particles and noise make the Econic NGT environmentally friendly.
The tank of an Econic NGT holds 600 l of natural gas.
Econic drivers benefit in several ways: The low-positioned driver's cab allows for easy entry and the panoramic windshield ensures extremely wide visibility.
500 garbage cans per district must be emptied in Stuttgart - with the Econic that is not a (time) problem.
Low emissions of nitrogen oxides, particles and noise make the Econic NGT environmentally friendly.

Additional costs pay off.

In practice, the Econic NGT was able to convince in Stuttgart. Profitability and efficiency also play a major role in municipal operations, but the Econic does not shy away from this comparison either. Although the processed gas and air mixture is burned in the special trucks instead of a diesel-air mixture, the Econic NGT is very profitable. "The acquisition costs of the vehicles are higher, but an amortization of the additional costs can be achieved over favorable fuel prices already after 3.5 years", confirms Dr. Thomas Heß, Head of Waste Management Stuttgart.

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