Waste disposal giant picks the Econic.

Econic trucks with biogas drive for Urbaser in Stockholm.

50 Mercedes-Benz Econic trucks with biogas drive are ready to go at waster disposal company Urbaser, where they will be put to use reliably emptying the bins in the city of Stockholm. The vehicles are fitted with bodies built by GeesinkNorba and NTM.

Since being taken over by Reno Norden, Urbaser is Sweden’s largest waste disposal company. With the biogas-powered vehicles procured in 2017, among which 43 Econic 2630 NGT and seven Econic 1830 NGT models, Urbaser is establishing itself as the leading company with regard to the environment in Nordic countries. So it’s only to be expected, that the Econic is taking on an important role within the vehicle fleet. Of the 350 refuse vehicles in the company which employs around 500 employees, the Mercedes-Benz Econic is by far the most predominant model.

Please note:

The Econic NGT is a discontinued model. The end of production has been announced for 31.12.2021, therefore the vehicle can no longer be ordered after 30.10.2021.

Working conditions couldn’t be better. The Econic now makes up over 50 % of our nationwide vehicle fleet.


Peter Ekholm, Managing Director of Urbaser

A good view provides safety.

The DirectVision cab on the Econic, designed with a particular focus on safety and ergonomics, makes the truck appear more like a bus at first glance thanks to the fully-glazed folding door. It also stands out with its extremely low entrance. For the safety of staff getting into and out of the vehicle as many as 500 times a day, this is a real advantage.

Peter Ekholm, Managing Director of Urbaser, specifies further: “This doesn’t just apply to the low entrance: the driver can walk upright through the cab and climb out on the right-hand side without having to worry about the traffic flow. The bus doors on the right-hand side really are an enormous relief, particularly in confined spaces.”

The windows in the cab, which are a lot bigger in the Econic than on other vehicles, are a considerable advantage for work and traffic safety. Thanks to an excellent overview, drivers also have a view of potentially endangered passers-by, thus significantly reducing the stress experienced by the driver. The concept is well-thought-out – for Urbaser too: “The Econic is the only truck on the market that is really built for operation as a refuse vehicle,” says Peter Ekholm.


Clean operation thanks to biogas.

The invitation to tender issued by the city of Stockholm stipulated that the refuse vehicles had to be equipped with a biogas drive because biogas is a recyclable fuel derived from food waste and sewage sludge, for example, and is thus more sustainable than usual fossil fuels. The food waste is collected in vehicles powered by biogas conveniently gained from that same transported waste.

So the choice for the Econic wasn’t a difficult one: “Of all the manufacturers, Mercedes demonstrates the greatest experience with gas-powered trucks and simply knows a lot about this technology. And that’s also true of their workshops.”

As an alternative fuel, biogas brings together several advantages: once the biomass has gone through a special fermentation process and carbon capturing, the final product is made up of 97 % methane gas. Especially practical: the fermented substrate serves as a natural fertiliser which is rich in nitrogen. However, biogas can be far more than just a recyclable fuel: it produces fewer nitrous oxides and particulate matter while also providing for decidedly quiet operation. This makes everyday traffic considerably more pleasant for city dwellers both with regard to noise and the cleaner air.

Well advised.

As the official general distributor, Mercedes-Benz Sverige AB is responsible for all imports of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and commercial vehicles in the Swedish market. At the headquarters in Malmö, the Swedish and Danish markets fall under the responsibility of one joint sales company.

This means Urbaser profits from the great experience and customer-specific advice, as Managing Director Ekholm emphasises: “In our industry delays are clearly felt. That is why we depend on a partner which is well-acquainted with our operating conditions and which can solve any problems reliably. And we can always rely on Mercedes for precisely this.”

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