Mercedes-Benz Defence Vehicles.
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Mercedes-Benz Defence Vehicles.

Mercedes‑Benz Defence Vehicles offers a wide range of highly capable tactical and logistics vehicles with payloads ranging from 0.5 to 110 t and gross combination weights up to 250 t. With a vast product and service portfolio in all military payload classes and for every customer demand: Mercedes‑Benz Defence Vehicles is the strategic partner of today’s forces.

These vehicles have been developed to arrive at their destinations and provide the military user with the best solution for his transportation needs, on the highway or in difficult terrain. Vehicles that demonstrate their reliability, durability and ruggedness every day around the world, under the most adverse climatic and operational conditions. Mercedes-Benz trucks rely on a unique worldwide service network. For maximum availibility.

The star makes the difference. Trucks you can trust.

Partner to armed forces worldwide

With the experience of millions of kilometres, every day.

The world’s leading truck manufacturer.

  • Vehicles based on extensively tried and tested large-scale trucks
  • Adapted and optimized to meet all military user requirements
  • Guaranteed product and service quality – made in Germany
  • Advanced vehicle technologies, focusing on life-cycle-costs, robustness and reliability
  • Spare parts availability and service support backed by more than 5,000 own workshops in 160 countries

Exactly what you need

Special Chassis. Unlimited.

Our chassis have one thing in common when viewed from below: An industrially tried and tested Mercedes-Benz chassis for special superstructures. From the engine  through the drivetrain, wheels, frame and steering right up to the operating console and interfaces, proven components belonging to a major series from the world’s largest truck manufacturer and adapted to operational requirements guarantee the mobility of your special vehicles.

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  • FGA 12.5 / 13

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  • FGA 14.5

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