Fair exhibits at the bauma 2016.

Exclusive special vehicles for the Constructing and Mining Industry.

At the trade fair, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks showed an Unimog with a sweeper and a water tank and an all-terrain Zetros with twin cab for special transportation issues like in the mining industry.

Unimog with a sweeper at the bauma 2016.

During the bauma 2016 Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks presented the Unimog U 430 with a telescopic sweeper and a water tank with with a capacity of 2.400 liter by Leistikow on its platform.

Given the narrow means, maintaining municipal roads for an all-season service requires the use of advanced technology. With the newly developed extendible front sweeper by AS Baugeräte Bau- und Kommunaltechnik, the Unimog U 430 can cope with this challenge – as it was shown at the bauma 2016. The attachment comes with a width of 2,55 m for transportation and a hydraulically and infinitely variable width of the sweeping roller (2,4 to 3 m). The new product allows sweeping the whole gauge and provides a high flexibility. High pressure water-spraying bars, special brushes, lateral shifting and working lights are available as special equipment for the FKM 3000 Vario.

Unimog U 218 as mobile working platform for maintenance in the energy industry.

Firm and flexible like almost no other utility vehicle: With a width of only 2,30 m (incl. build-up) and a height of 3,60 m, the Unimog implement carrier and the working platform Scorpion 15 SE enable urgent repair and maintenance works at open wires – especially in difficult terrain.

Unimog with elevated work platforms at energy supplier Enel in Italy.

Due to its permanent all-wheel drive, high ground clearance and differential locks, the Unimog reaches locations that no conventional road vehicle can reach. That is the case in every season and all whether conditions. Unexpected events like storm damages, landslides and snowslides require fast acting to reduce power failures and associated losses of income. Thereby, customer satisfaction and power supply are guaranteed.

At the bauma 2016 the Unimog U 218 with the working platform Scorpion 15E could be found at the Oil & Steel stand 1306/2 in hall FS.


Zetros at the bauma trade fair 2016 in Munich.

The Mercedes-Benz Zetros provides permanent all-wheel drive and the load capacity of a heavy truck. At the bauma 2016, the three-axle version of the extremely tough truck showed what a heavy truck for all terrain has to have: a 6x6 drive and 240 kW (326 hp).

A Zetros 2733 A 6x6 with double cab, lateral winch as well as HPC flatbed and canvas could be seen on the open-air ground of the Daimler stand.

In addition, bodybuilder Meiller showed a Zetros with a rear-dumper that has a capacity of about 17m³. The Zetros dump truck could be found at stand FN.918 on the Meiller open-air ground.

The Zetros has been developed especially for the tough requirements in the construction and waste industry: bulk supply to the point of rough demolition work.

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