A round thing.

Cup winning awards for the best guess at the IFAT raffle.

The eye-catcher at the IFAT booth of Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks was a Unimog U 218 with a special payload. Because the hookloader had loaded a lot of bright orange balls with the well-known ox-head logo. A round thing for the transport-minded off-world champion Unimog and all football fans who are already looking forward to the World Cup in Russia.

To get the chance to win one of the coveted prizes at the trade fair raffle visitors had to estimate the number of loaded balls as accurately as possible.

Ten Unimog fans in winners mood.

Exactly 989 balls were in the roll-off container of the Unimog U 218. Enough to compete for the next local football tournament. With their tips some visitors were pretty close. The ten best estimators were now delighted with the popular prizes. So they got Unimog fan packages consisting of a chic cap, a key fob and a multitool. Also there was a very special prize: The LEGO Unimog from the Technic series is now a coveted collector's item - not only for young Unimog fans.

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