Fair exhibits at the IFAT 2018 in Munich.

Unimog and Econic as entities in environmental technology.

The trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management is once again opening its doors: More than 3.000 exhibitors from 59 countries from all over the world will be coming to IFAT in Munich, dated 14 to 18 May 2018, for the 26th time to demonstrate their progress in the environmental industry. Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks is once again in the lead this year. Visitors can get to know the top performers Unimog and Econic for a variety of uses - from winter services, disposal of waste and lawn care.

Unimog and Econic exhibits at IFAT.

The product range of the Unimog and Econic exhibits ranges from winter service combinations to applications in agricultural and water technology and even more. Every need is covered. The exhibits will be exposed in Hall C6, at live demonstrations at Trucks in Action and at open air area.

Hall C6

  •     Unimog U 218: Dücker road sweeper front FKM 2200, 600er sweeper, body: Maytec hookloader
  •     Unimog U 530: Mulag: wood care FME 600 with GMK 1200, body: Werner Pallet Gmeiner YETI 3500
  •     Econic NGT: CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Variopress by Faun

Trucks in Action

  •     Econic: Roll-off tipper truck
  •     Unimog U 530: Dammann KS5003 liquid salt sprayer
  •     Unimog U 530: Aebi with snowplow MS34.1 und spreader Stratos 40

Open Air Area

  •     Unimog U 4023: All-terrain work and transport vehicle for municipal operations

Exhibits in detail.

The Special Trucks from Mercedes-Benz are pioneers when it comes to combining efficient work with environmental compatibility. The profiles of the Unimog and Econic models show how much power is in the vehicles. Find out about technical equipment and participating partner companies.

Profile Unimog U 218.

With the Maytec hookloader AR-L 55-2T the Unimog U 218 can be used effectively in any season. There is a wide range of different containers available for a variety of applications.

- The loading area of ​​the exhibition platform is approx. 3.09 m to 2.08 m

- Dismantling the salt sprayer and putting up another container (for example for tree and shrub cutting) only takes a few minutes

- With the hookloader the containers can be loaded at ground level

- Low loading sill during manual work

- The vehicle needs no longer to remain on the construction site for loading and unloading through the hookloader

- The Maytec AR-L 55 is built very low. The height of the loading area is in the unloaded condition only approx. 1500 mm

The front sweeping brush Dücker FKM 2200 is designed for free-riding use. It is particularly well suited to sweep up coarse dirt, snow or large-scale debris such as leaves or paper waste. On request, the attachment can be equipped with a hydraulic side brush, a dirt collection tray, water sprayer, high-pressure water system, water tank or dirt scratch-up bar.

Unimog U 218 roll-off tipper truck with front sweeping brush


Profile Unimog U 530.

With permanent all-wheel drive, well-balanced axle load distribution, just under 300 HP and a 5000-liter brine tank on board, the Unimog equipment carrier impresses with enormous performance as a winter service combination.

Unimog U 530 Agrarian

Unimog U 530 Salt Sprayer

Profile Unimog U 4023.

The Special Truck is an extreme off-roader for municipal operations. Municipal work vehicles on the basis of the Unimog U 4023 and U 5023 enjoy extreme off-roading capabilities and high fording depths of up to 1.20 m and can therefore also be used to help in disaster relief operations.

Unimog U 4023


Profile Econic NGT.

The Econic NGT (Natural Gas Technology) combines ecology and economy in one vehicle: The Special Truck is sustainable and economical. Therefore it is ideally suited for use in the municipal and disposal sector.

Econic NGT CNG

Unimog Partner at IFAT 2018.

Some Unimog partners are also represented at IFAT. At the ABH booths they showcase their efficient combinations, which additionally optimize a Unimog. These partners are on site:

Aebi Schmidt







For a better understanding.

Come and visit the IFAT to get to know the Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks models live. So you can have a close look at the top performer Unimog and Econic. A highlight at the trade will be the various live demonstrations at VAK Trucks in Action. And what is more authentic than to form your own opinion?

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