Live from the Munich Exhibition Center.

The focus is on environmentally friendly solutions for municipalities.

On Monday IFAT opened its doors in Munich for trade visitors from all over the world. At the leading international trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management, manufacturers will present innovative solutions for more sustainability and efficiency until May 18th. From winter maintenance to green space maintenance, from disposal to street cleaning. Find here the most important news about Unimog and Econic.

Efficient all-rounder for every season.

The example Unimog impressively shows that performance and cost-effectiveness do not have to be opposites. Two municipal all-rounders can be admired at the Daimler AG booth.

Solution of our IFAT raffle. So many balls the Unimog had loaded

A Unimog U 218 with front sweeping machine from Dücker and roll-off tipper from Maytec shows the whole range of a compact municipal vehicle that can be used effectively all year round. Because the roll-off containers can be adapted to a wide variety of needs: for example for transporting cutting material or for use as a salt spreader. The versatility and ease of retrofitting make the use of the Unimog attractive for cities and communities. Flexibility that pays off.

Operating on field and road.

There is nothing left to be desired, even the largest implement carrier Unimog U 530 which can also be seen on the exhibition booth. The vehicle literally shows its two best sides. The orange driver's side presents itself in the typical look of the municipal vehicle with snow chains on road tires, while the right side shines with horizontal terrain tires in the green of the contractors and service providers.

After all, contractors are increasingly taking over municipal tasks, profiting especially from the versatility of the Unimog. The Tire Pressure Control System TireControl plus quickly switches between driving on the road and off-road. The strong helper has a Euro-VI engine with 300 hp and is equipped with a front attachment of Mulag for grove care which is operated by hydraulic shaft. A brine sprayer from Gmeiner is installed on the vehicle platform for winter service.

Economic solutions are needed.

The bodybuilders for Unimog also show improvements for reliable systems at IFAT. One focus is more cost-effectiveness and adapting to different circumstances. For example Dücker's tunnel washing systems which can be mounted on the front are available for various requirements and conditions of the tunnel architecture. Mulag has optimized the driver's comfortable and easy-to-use MKF 600 combination mower especially for use on tight bends.

Among other things Gmeiner will show the further development of the proven brine sprayer Yeti for winter service at the Bucher Municipal booth. Due to the increased brine volume and sophisticated spray system, the Yeti 2200 W, specially tailored to the Unimog platform, can keep more road surface ice-free thanks to FS-50 technology with less salt use. This not only saves money but is also good for the environment.

Mulag presents solutions for green areas and wood care at IFAT exclusively with Unimog equipment carriers.
The new sole sprayer Gmeiner Yeti 2200 W FS-50 has been tested and approved by the Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (BaSt).
Dücker presents a Unimog U 427 with front jib DUA 800, tunnel washer and high pressure water system.
Trilety shows the sweeper UKM 36 with washing bar at the front on a Unimog U 318.
The Unimog U 530 with snow blower can be experienced live at the presentation "Trucks in Action".
Water on! The spray system from Dammann in use on the outdoor area.
Mulag presents solutions for green areas and wood care at IFAT exclusively with Unimog equipment carriers.

The future of the cities is clean.

At IFAT 2018 many exhibitors place particular emphasis on pioneering technologies for reducing emissions. Especially in cities, environmental pollution is becoming more and more of an issue – not only in Europe. The municipalities therefore want to set a good example and demand for solutions in their tenders for engines that pollute the environment less with particulate matter and carbon dioxide.

Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks are responding to this challenge with the Econic NGT. The issued refuse collection vehicle is operated completely with natural gas – and thus reduces CO2 emission in comparison to diesel drive by up to 20 %. The market-proven gas technology is constantly being improved: additional weight can be saved with new tanks, thus further increasing the payload of the vehicle or the capacity of the tanks.

Bodybuilder Faun demonstrates a look into the future, too – also with an Econic. The vehicle drives completely electrically and still reaches ranges that are comparable to other drives. The energy is provided by a combination of battery and fuel cell.

A lot of open-air movement.

In good weather and pleasant temperatures the outdoor area of ​​the fair attracted many visitors on the opening day. There were also numerous Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks to be seen at the "Trucks in Action" demonstrations. In addition to an Econic waste collector there is also a roll-off tipper based on the low-entry vehicle. The driver sits in the DirectVision cab of the Econic at eye level with other road users. A decisive plus for more security, especially in cities. The Econic also scores points with its innovative safety assistants which use cameras or sensors to optimally monitor the surroundings of the vehicle.

Also Unimog can be admired in action. For example Aebi Schmidt shows a snowthrower for the Unimog U 530 which can be used to clear up to 1,600 tonnes of snow per hour. Dammann also presents its bodybuilder sprayer on a Unimog U 530. The spray system can be used with brine in winter service as well as for cleaning and watering in summer.

Experience Unimog and Econic up close.

Getting curious? Visit Unimog and Econic until May 18th at the IFAT in Munich. The experts from Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks will be happy to answer your questions in hall C6 at booth 341.

Please note:

The Econic NGT is a discontinued model. The end of production has been announced for 31.12.2021, therefore the vehicle can no longer be ordered after 30.10.2021.

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