All-rounders found!

Venues in Hildesheim, Herborn and Ulm.

The Unimog Challenge 2016 took place across Germany on three dates and at three locations. The host in Hildesheim was Ahlborn GmbH, while the same role in Herborn was played by Minufa GmbH & Co. KG, with Wilhelm Mayer GmbH & Co. KG hosting the Challenge competitors at the exhibition grounds in Ulm.

Series of tough challenges.

Awaiting the Challenge competitors on the prepared course were five skill tests that required a steady nerve, because, at each stop, the drivers had just seven minutes in which to master the challenge – excitement was guaranteed!


The "Unimog Billiard" demanded precision above all else. With a super-sized billiard queue attached to the mounting plate of a new Unimog U 323, the object was to pot as many rubber balls as possible. This called for clever use of the 231 hp from the new top-of-the-line model of the 300 Series. Accuracy in controlling a Leistikow watering boom was demanded by the so-called "ball shower", which was an allusion to the European football championships. Five wheat-beer glasses had to be navigated to in a Unimog U 423 in hydrostatic driving mode within the shortest possible time and filled with water. Floating in each glass, a miniature football indicated the water level from a distance. The competitors in the Unimog Challenge 2016 played "4 in a row" with the help of a Hauer front loader. Their task was to fill the "4 in a row wall" with wood chips – against the clock, of course. For the "turning area" test, the contestants had to demonstrate that they could use the all-wheel steering to turn a Unimog even in a small area of just 6.5 by 6.5 metres. The fifth and final exercise called on the competitors to negotiate a tree trunk course in a Unimog U 4023 with extreme off-road capability while spilling as little water as possible from a barrel mounted on the platform.

There were three winners of the title "Alleskönner 2016".

Where there's a competition, there are also winners. Having shown that they were the best among those competing in the Unimog Challenge 2016, three drivers were awarded the title "Alleskönner 2016".

in Hildesheim: Kevin Harenkamp
in Herborn: Jürgen Werner
in Ulm: Benjamin Berenz

Yet anyone looking for sad faces among the other drivers was to be disappointed, because the Unimog Challenge upholds the Olympic ideal: it's the taking part that counts.

Also away from the competition, there was no shortage of fun and games at the Unimog Challenge 2016. The light-hearted family event catered for young and old alike. While the smallest visitors were happy to put on children's make-up or pedal their own Unimog, the adults enjoyed themselves with a cool drink and some tasty food. Even so, there was plenty of noisy support from family and friends for the Challenge competitors.

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