Live show in front of a mountainous backdrop.

A delight for fans and users alike: Unimog Austria Tour.

Picturesque cirrostratus clouds in a blue sky, a vast panoramic view of the Alps in the background and an impressive fleet of Unimog vehicles in the foreground – visitors to the Unimog Austria Tour were treated to a true feast for the eyes in September and October 2017.


Discover versatility: Unimog shows its broad scope of applications.

At the events in Lebring, Innsbruck and Melk, around 15 of the Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks demonstrated what they are capable of. From A (as in agricultural logistics) to Z (for zipping swiftly from road to rail operations in one and the same vehicle), making an obligatory stop at W (like walkway maintenance) – complete vehicle solutions were presented for year-round use.

The numerous visitors experienced the various model series in action, ranging from the Unimog U 218 implement carrier, right up to the Unimog U 5023 extreme off-roader as part of the live demonstrations.

Even if it's sunny, winter service work still needs doing.

For use in snow and ice, three Unimog U 218 vehicles with different attachments and bodies were among the vehicles presented. With its narrow width of 2.20 m and its small wheelbase, the model is particularly manoeuvrable and thus ideal for operations in towns and communes.

The winter specialists were supplemented by a Unimog U 430 which, thanks to its snowplough and automatic spreader unit, is optimally equipped for snow-clearing operations on the road network.

This is how fast the body can be swapped.

You have to have seen it once yourself, otherwise you can hardly believe it: changing attachments and bodies on the Unimog is possible in the shortest of times thanks to the standardised interfaces. Onlookers at the Unimog Austria Tour were able to experience first-hand just how simple it is to swap a snowplough for a sweeper, or how easy a mowing boom can be exchanged for a tree stump cutter.

For summer service operations, among other things, a Unimog U 530 was presented which was equipped with front-mounted, side verge, embankment and marker post mowers. The 16.5 t permissible gross weight makes it the ideal vehicle for using all mounting areas.

This flexibility makes the Unimog an economic multi-purpose vehicle, for example for road maintenance operations. And thus to a welcomed member of any fleet in Austrian works yards.

Dialogue with Unimog and partner firms.

Besides the popular live show at which the Special Trucks, their advantages and their various scopes of application were presented, our experts from Mercedes-Benz and bodybuilding partners were available to discuss with visitors and provide answers to any questions they may have had – always providing practical answers on the basis of the vehicles on display.


Guests at Mercedes-Benz Österreich and Pappas.

With its exciting mix of information and entertainment, the 2017 Unimog Tour was also a huge success in Germany and the Czech Republic. 3500 decision-makers, operatives and fans visited the various tour locations.

Mercedes-Benz Österreich and Unimog sales partner Pappas invited guests to the Austrian version of the event in September and October. And together with numerous implement manufacturers and bodybuilders, a diverse programme of events was offered. In the focal point: 15 selected Unimog exhibits with the most diverse range of implement solutions. The numerous tailor-made attachment and body solutions available make the proven all-rounder so popular as a flexible work vehicle for service providers, contractors, fire services and disaster relief teams.

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