Unimog Tour 2017: performance in action.

Roadshow packed with highlights.

In terms of weather, the Unimog Tour 2017 offered a little of everything this year: from snow showers in April to sweltering summer heat in June. It goes without saying that the Unimog models on show, around 30 in total, remained unfazed by it all. After all, the popular all-rounders are seasoned professionals when it comes to year-round reliability, even in adverse conditions.

Q&A with the experts.

This year the Unimog Tour visited nine different locations in Germany, from the Mecklenburg Lake District to Munich. It attracted about 3500 visitors, and there was plenty on offer for everyone – each of the one-day events' programmes was as diverse as the Unimog itself.

Behind the scenes: Unimog corrosion protection renewal by ELASKON.

Convincing live demonstrations: an hour of concentrated power.

The audience was then treated to the highlight of the roadshow in the "Arena of Professionals": the live presentation of the vehicles with their range of bodies and implements. In addition to Unimog models for construction sites and the fire services, another focal point was on municipal applications. With its wide selection of body and implement solutions, the Unimog can be used flexibly and economically all year round: in winter maintenance, for road sweeping or as a mower with convenient multifunction joystick control. "The Unimog is a very strong brand when it comes to the municipal sector and can be used very flexibly," pointed out Hans-Peter Hackl of implement manufacturer Eco Technologies, attending for the first time as a new UnimogPartner by Mercedes-Benz.


Plenty of opportunities to get involved.

But it wasn't just the Unimog that was busy during the tour - there were activities for visitors too. There were plenty of crossed fingers, for example, when the raffle was drawn after the obligatory midday break. The attractive prizes, all taken from the popular Unimog Collection, are winging their way to the winners.

The Unimog Tour also saw the launch of Unimog Question Time. At each location a box was set up to collect questions about the Unimog. Various experts will shortly be providing answers via video. Definitely worth a look!

Do you have a question about the all-rounder from Mercedes-Benz? Simply sent it in and find out the experts' answer in Unimog Question Time.

In the video: Looking back at the Unimog Tour 2017.

Familiar models and new additions.

A wide range of models demonstrated their abilities during the Unimog Tour 2017 – from the U 218 - U 530 implement carriers, including the new U 323, to the U 4023 - U 5030 extreme off-roaders. Making its first appearance: the U 529. A new Euromot IV version is being offered for three models – the U 423, U 429 and U 529 – and, with the relevant registration, promises interesting economical advantages.

Implements and body solutions for every application.

The Unimog Tour underlines yet again that the strength of the Unimog lies in our extensive network of professional partners. A total of 27 manufacturers showed the visitors a diverse range of implements which, thanks to standardised interfaces, can be integrated seamlessly on board the Unimog.

"The Unimog offers a unique concept for innumerable applications. What makes it particularly strong is the combination of implements and bodies," emphasised Claus Roth, General Manager Sales at Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks.

Exclusive off-road models.

With the holiday season about to get underway, the public were able to marvel at extreme off-road vehicles for adventurers too. These included exclusive mobile homes and 300 hp rally vehicles.


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