Unimog up close
and in person.

Unimog presents itself as a wanderer between the operational worlds.

Sow joy, save the mood, reap applause: The Unimog is on display at a host of events in autumn 2018. And demonstrates its versatile operational range in the process.

The special-purpose truck will put in stops in Nordhorn, Stuttgart and Dresden for the agricultural and fire-fighting industries – at the Nordhorn Field Days, the Landwirtschaftliches Hauptfest and the Florian 2018 trade fair.

The all-rounder from Mercedes-Benz also presented itself at the IAA Commercial Vehicles and the InnoTrans trade fair for road-rail.

Unimog confronts the motto "Driving tomorrow" of the IAA 2018

Nordhorn Field Days.

The MB-trac and Unimog Field Days in Nordhorn are already yearly mandatory dates for many fans. At the event organised by Youngtimer Landtechnik im Einsatz e.V. from 22 to 23 September 2018, numerous demonstrations from the agricultural field and a big supporting programme awaited the more than 5000 guests – including a "Field Day Quarter Mile Race". Special topic of the 5th edition of the Field Days: MB-trac and Unimog in forestry operations.

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One highlight for the visitors was the mobile ramp of the Unimog Museum, on which the U 5023 Crewcab demonstrated its off-road capabilities. With support from RKF-Bleses GmbH, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks was again part to present five vehicles and various applications.

Unimog exhibits at the Nordhorn Field Days.

  • Unimog U 430
  • Unimog U 430 with Krampe Roadrunner DA34
  • Unimog U 529 with Dücker front- and rear-mounted flail mower
  • Unimog U 530 with Dammann mounted sprayer
  • Unimog U 5023 with crewcab

Landwirtschaftliches Hauptfest.

From 29 September to 7 October 2018, the largest trade fair for the agricultural, forestry and food industry in Southern Germany takes place on the Cannstatter Wasen fairgrounds in Stuttgart.

The trade fair under the motto "LIVE to see agriculture" is all about animals, technology, nature and nutrition. More than 600 exhibitors provide a wide range of insights into modern agriculture. The diverse supporting programme for the anniversary is intended to attract 200,000 visitors.

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Together with the Unimog service partners Wilhelm Mayer GmbH & Co. KG and Knoblauch GmbH, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks displays two exhibits in outdoor area J on stand no. 10 in Stuttgart. Another Unimog is located directly across from them: in the machine demonstration area of DEULA Baden-Württemberg gGmbH.

Unimog exhibits at the Landwirtschaftliches Hauptfest.

  • Unimog U 529 with front-mounted winch from Schlang & Reichart
  • Unimog U 218 with roll-off body from HEN
  • Unimog U 529 with silage trailer (machine demonstration site DEULA Baden-Württemberg gGmbH)

Florian 2018.

More than 200 exhibitors at the trade fair for fire-fighting, civil protection and disaster control presented their pioneering technologies designed to help the first responders of tomorrow in their work. In addition to innovation, the event from 11 to 13 October 2018 in Dresden focuses on the cooperation between hazard prevention and disaster control.

The 17th edition of the Florian trade fair also offers an extensive lecture programme that gives the more than 16,000 expected visitors the opportunity to expand their knowledge for free.

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With the support of RKF Bleses and Wasserzweckverband Bernburg, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks and Henne Nutzfahrzeuge present two Unimogs in outdoor area 1 on stand FG 1 to the specialist audience in Dresden.

Unimog exhibits at the Florian trade fair.

  • Unimog U 5023 with dry powder fire truck from Schlingmann
  • Unimog U 4000 THW (German Technical Relief Agency) crewcab with crane
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