Winter Road Congress in Gdansk.

Unimog at the PIARC Winter Road Congress 2018 in Poland.

In winter the Unimog tackles the snow on the roads – and shows its strength. Whether it's metre-high mounds of snow in the Alps or snowy towns and villages: the Unimog skilfully adapts to anything that crops up. At the 15th International PIARC Winter Road Congress 2018 in Gdansk at the end of February, extreme weather situations will be one of the main topics, as too will winter services in urban areas. And the Unimog will be at the heart of it – with two winter maintenance vehicles that can cope with any snowy situation.


20 – 23 February 2018


AMBEREXPO Exhibition and Convention Centre, Gdansk, Poland

Special Trucks information stand: A.43

Unimog exhibits: B.05

Special tasks with Unimog and Bucher.

Unimog expert partner Bucher develops special snowploughs for municipal operations. At the PIARC congress there will be a UMN 32 on show – as an attachment for a Unimog U 423 winter maintenance vehicle. And the best thing of all is that the Vario plough is a hybrid of a double scraper bar plough and a wedge-shaped plough. The neoprene scraper bar can clear snow and slush in urban areas almost noiselessly. When a second, steel, scraper bar is added, the special truck is ideal for clearing large quantities of snow.



The Unimog U 423 has a Yeti 2000 W with FS 50 technology on board as a spreader. The low design thanks to the innovative dual screw conveyor system provides the Unimog with two vital advantages: a perfect view all round and safe driving performance in extreme situations thanks to the low centre of gravity of the container. The result: the combination of Unimog and Yeti is perfectly designed to cope with municipal winter road maintenance.

Profile of Unimog U 423 exhibit

Perfect performance in the harshest winter weather.

The second exhibit really gets going when full power is required: the Unimog U 530 with FS 105 snow cutter/blower from Unimog expert partner Aebi Schmidt. With its robust snow cutter/blower, the Unimog will be able to deal with icy snow over a metre high even more efficiently. The snow is pushed by open milling spirals onto the spinning wheel, and in out-of-town areas it is thrown to one side via the discharge pipe which can be hydraulically turned through 275°. The ejection wheels are driven directly via the Unimog's powerful front power take-off. In urban areas, the snow can be transferred onto the platform of a truck via the rotatable loading pipe.


The combination with the Stratos F 40 flat silo spreader completes the Unimog U 530 equipment. Depending on the weather, materials such as grit, dry or moistened salt can be spread. With precise aim and perfect dosage, the all-rounder is kind to the environment and ensures road safety. Yet another road safety plus: the clear view to the rear.

Profile of Unimog U 530 exhibit

Innovative winter road maintenance.

Discussions about the latest advances in the field of winter road maintenance will be the main focus of this year's Winter Road Congress. The event is held every four years, on different continents. About 50 exhibitors and many talks given by experts make the congress one of the most important events worldwide in the traffic sector.

One topic on the programme that is cause for excitement: the snow plough world championships, which the team from Rangsdorf motorway maintenance will be participating in. The team from Brandenburg is taking part in an Aebi Schmidt Unimog U 527 with a snowplough.

Germany's Got Talent - for snow ploughing.

PIARC Winter Road Congress 2018 top themes

  1. Extreme situations and disasters                                              5. Winter maintenance management and planning
  2. Climate change and the environment                                       6. Equipment and products
  3. Road weather information                                                         7. Winter service in urban areas
  4. Road users and road safety                                                       8. Tunnels and bridges
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