High-flyers with wit and expertise.

Team Fitzen, the YouTube phenomenon, are so enthusiastic about the Unimog.

They were one of the high-flyers amongst German YouTubers in 2018: the Unimog Team Fitzen. What began as a simple documentation of a very special passion for the Unimog, became a hot topic within a few months with thousands of online subscribers. The fan base continues to grow. As does the bond with the Unimog which became the key to Team Fitzen's success.

Passion unites them.

19-year old Moritz Gerau and 21-year old Henning Heitmann are at the centre of a group of young, enthusiastic Unimog fans. They regularly meet up with their friends from Fitzen close to Hamburg – hence the group's name – to participate in all kinds of activities to do with their passion: the Unimog. "Although, in a broader sense, anyone who has our sticker on their Unimog or wears one of our t-shirts belongs to the team," the two of them explain. So they're quite sociable, not to mention adept, bright and truly dedicated.

In the video: a look back at the team in 2018.

It all started in 2016 with a red Unimog U 1000 424 equipped for agricultural operations which the friends bought together with money they had saved. Henning had just completed his training as a farmer and had a plan: to look for a suitable vehicle for operation in the dairy cattle business which he runs together with his father. No sooner said than done. And it quickly became clear that the Unimog U 1000 should be complemented by an implement carrier, a sap green Unimog U 1300 425, for the more complex work in the farmyard.

What the farmers didn't reckon with? How quickly they would be impressed by the all-rounder from Mercedes-Benz. Their enthusiasm grew steadily and other team members jumped onto the bandwagon. The fleet was thus expanded to accommodate a Unimog U 1700 437, a U 406 and a U 1000 – and thus the team now owns four older Unimog models. The special trucks are all fitted with agricultural equipment for work on the farm. That means: all of the agricultural attachments imaginable can be easily installed – including a mowing attachment, a disc harrow or a manure tank. Their equipment even includes an excavator and a crane attachment.

Proud owners: Unimog Team Fitzen presents two of the four Unimog vehicles with agricultural equipment.
Spring cleaning: Henning Heitmann and the Unimog U 1700 harvesting grass.
Optimally equipped for agricultural operations: the Unimog U 1700 working the soil with a disc harrow.
Completes heavy-duty lifting work with ease: the Unimog U 1300 with a crane attachment.
Proud owners: Unimog Team Fitzen presents two of the four Unimog vehicles with agricultural equipment.

True stories from a day in the life of a Unimog.

Initially, the team's internet contributions were mainly focussed on practical operations on the farm. But as their popularity increased, they introduced innumerable other topics: short humorous films, reports from events and within the workshop – the Unimog U 1300, for example, is just being restored by Eike, one of the team members. Their mission: that the Unimog as a hobby expands throughout northern Germany, to share their experiences with others and to bring fans together. Because: "Initially, we thought we'd be all alone up here in the north with our Unimog." However thanks to the Unimog Club Gaggenau, the group from Schleswig-Holstein was able to get acquainted with a national network of like-minded people. In the meantime, Moritz and Henning even head the UGC's regional group for the Hamburg-Schwerin area.

We want to keep the range of topics as diverse as possible.


Henning Heitmann and Moritz Gerau, Unimog Team Fitzen

Unimog Community knocking at the door.

With so much impetus, they have come to the attention of the global Unimog community too. "Wish this video was in English" can often be read in the comments. Although their focus is mainly on the German-speaking regions – this doesn't keep the motivated young men from accepting international offers: last year for example, Henning and Moritz travelled to central Africa for two weeks, in order to provide training for the Ministry of Transport in Cameroon. Of course inquiries like that are not the order of the day, but increasingly, the north Germans are in demand via social media such as Facebook for all kinds of everyday issues concerning the Unimog. The team has gained their expertise by teaching themselves over the years.

It will be interesting to see where the journey takes them in 2019. Their declared goal is definitely to keep the range of topics as diverse as possible. And the all-purpose Unimog is exactly the right vehicle for this.

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