What can I do myself?

Tips for maintaining your Unimog.

When you are using your Unimog, it is constantly exposed to the environment and therefore should be regularly maintained. But this does not always require a trained expert. You can also carry out many smaller maintenance jobs yourself as part of your everyday routine.

Unimog: a service life of 25 years or more.

After every use.

  • Thoroughly remove corrosion-inducing substances with water
  • Check the frame, chassis and cab for damage to the paintwork and the corrosion protection and have it repaired immediately if necessary
  • Use contact spray on electrical contact surfaces in connectors of attached equipment and trailers

Prior to winter service operations.

  • Fit suitable chassis protection, such as a rear apron
  • Fit mud flaps to the front fenders to keep contamination of radiators from the tyres to a minimum
  • Check the antifreeze in the coolant
  • Remove dust filters or activated charcoal filters as these can clog up with snow crystals
  • Make sure not to spill any grit when loading gritting vehicles
  • Prevent the spillage of brine by ventilating the grit tank

Regularly, as required.

  • After changing equipment fully close the grommets in the rear panel of the cab
  • Clean the service brakes
  • Check that the lights are working
  • Check the condition of the tyres
  • Rinse the radiator fins with warm water
  • Apply special sealant to the engine compartment
  • Cab maintenance: wipe away damp residue immediately, vacuum off dry dust or salt residue before cleaning, including in corners and on pedals

Note: Do not use rapeseed oil, petroleum, diesel, or any substances diluted in petroleum or other solvents, for cleaning as these can damage the corrosion protection of your Unimog.

More information in the interactive owner's manual.

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