InnoTrans 2016.

Unimog presents versatility in road-rail operations.

For the eleventh time InnoTrans, the leading international fair for rail and road traffic technology, opened its doors in Berlin from 20 to 23 September 2016. One again three Unimog models were on display to demonstrate their performance potential to the expected 150,000 or so specialist visitors.

New features at the show for road and rail operations.

On stand no. O/234 in the outside area, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks was for the first time presenting a track maintenance vehicle based on the Unimog U 423 with a special combination. This new vehicle type is equipped with a crane body for flexible working assignments on the infrastructure. The road-rail Unimog can also be used for shunting operations. This allows full use of the Unimog's operating capacity, and therefore particularly cost-effective operation.

Also on display at the InnoTrans show was a U 423 with a working platform and cradle car system. It has a long wheelbase, develops an output of 170 kW (231 hp) and can be used on rail networks with tight curve radii from around 17 m. Thanks to its hydrostatic drive system, the Unimog can also be conveniently and sensitively remote controlled from the extended working platform. This Unimog is particularly suitable for the maintenance of tramways, e.g. the overhead lines.

As the third exhibit, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks was displaying a Unimog U 423 for radio remote controlled shunting operations. The remote control system and the entire rail technology of the Unimog on display come from the Zagro company. This includes e.g. the rail guidance system and a wagon braking system designed for up to 52 wagon axles (around 800 t).

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Unimog in road-rail operations

An integrated wagon braking system is designed for up to 52 wagon axles.
The rail technology of the Unimog on display come from the Zagro company.
A paddle can be fixed on the working platform with claw arm.
Unimog U 423 with cradle car system for tight curve radii.
An integrated wagon braking system is designed for up to 52 wagon axles.

TÜV has certificated the safety standards of the road-rail Unimog.

Meanwhile the latest-generation Unimog road-rail vehicle can be delivered with a fire protection certificate from TÜV Süd Rail, thus allowing use of the vehicle in tunnel areas, even if regular passenger rail operations continue to run in parallel. In order to fulfil the fire protection requirements in this area, a fire detection system and a fire extinguishing system are available for the engine compartment.

A Euro V variant is available.

Equally new is the Euro V variant of the latest Unimog generation. This means that even users outside the European regions can benefit from the improved vehicle functions and the greater operating comfort.

This will please railway and tramway operators worldwide, as well as providers of track construction and maintenance services.

InnoTrans 2016 exhibits.

Here you can download information on the exhibits that are shown at the InnoTrans 2016:

  • Unimog U 423 as a versatile track construction vehicle with immense towing power. Download
  • Unimog U 423 as a auxiliary and recovery vehicle. Download
  • Unimog U 423 as a versatile implement carrier. Download
  • Unimog U 423 in shunting operations. Download


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