The new Unimog Calendar 2020 is here!

Unimog. The expert for the whole year.

The Unimog gives full power at any time in any terrain. Strong, fast, durable, compact, robust and reliable - a colorful mix with which the Unimog cuts a fine figure worldwide. In daily use in towns and communities, as a helper in agriculture, in fire brigade operations or for winter service.

Unimog Calendar 2020 convinces with a colorful mix.

Experience the all-rounder in action? This is possible all year round. The Unimog Calendar 2020 gives you twelve extraordinary insights into the diverse applications of the Mercedes-Benz expert.

Order the Unimog Calendar 2020 now and bring the whole range of concentrated commitment into your home.

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The Unimog calendar is available to order online now from:


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