Unimog under the Christmas tree.

Gift ideas for those who decide on the spur of the moment.

Year after year Christmas is just around the corner. And thus the joy of giving. Those who are still looking for a suitable present in the days to come can rely on Unimog. Since this year around, Mercedes-Benz again has some Unimog highlights on offer for last minute gift finders. That's how you arouse shining eyes with young and old.

A year filled with eye-catchers.

Whether large or small: these gift ideas score points. The Unimog Calendar 2020 promises twelve extraordinary insights into the diverse applications of the Mercedes-Benz expert. The impressive motifs make every wall an eye-catcher and guarantee a year full of photographic highlights.

The Unimog wall calendar 2020 is available online:

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Wardrobe for cold days.

Those who prefer Unimog in the wardrobe are taken care of by the exclusive Unimog Collection. The range includes knitted hats and fleece jackets as well as winter jackets with removable hood. The synergy between the captivating new Unimog design with ox head and the practical style makes the pieces the ideal companions during winter weather. The Unimog Collection items are available from your Unimog dealer and from Unimog service partners.

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Knitted hat: casual and warming.
Knitted fleece jacket: suits you.
Winter jacket: for cold days.
Winter softshell jacket: adjustable.
Softshell waistcoat: protection against wind and rain.
Sweatshirt: with added feel-good factor.
Polo shirt: simply great.
Polo shirt: here with pocket.
Knitted scarf: with Unimog logo and leather label with ox head.
Knitted hat: casual and warming.

The overview of all details:

Unimog clothing

Always ready to use.

Unimog also offers the right accessories for Unimog fans in search of original everyday helpers: Whether insulated cup, multi-tool or USB stick, whether for indoors or outdoors - Unimog has the right answer to every weather condition. The little gadgets also are available from Unimog dealers and service partners.

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Multi-tool: a true all-round talent.
Rescue knife: an everyday helper.
Keyring: keeps everything together that belongs together.
Unimog lunch box: useful for all ages.
Ballpoint pen: a classic must-have.
Sunglasses: 100 % UV protection.
Straw hat: keep cool.
USB stick: for big data.
Enamel cup: practical and attractive.
Practical gadgets always at hand: Measuring tape with spirit level, notebook, pen.
Multi-tool: a true all-round talent.

The overview of all details:

Unimog helpers

The Unimog as the right Hand of Santa Claus – and the presentgiving can begin!

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