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Unimog magazine goes digital.

In the future, the international Unimog magazine will be published digitally. So that Unimog fans all over the world can be informed much faster and more convenient. To continue receiving the now digital Unimog magazine, readers have to subscribe online. Henceforward, they will always have the latest stories at their fingertips – on their smartphone, tablet or computer.

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The new digital offer from Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks is free for all readers: Please register online and tell us your e-mail address. Then, we will go on sending you every new issue twice a year – only by e-mail instead of mail. Because the current issue of the Unimog magazine, 1/2017, was the last international version printed on paper.

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Traditional magazine about a traditional vehicle.

As an official journal for the Mercedes-Benz all-rounder, Unimog magazine has been informing its readers for decades about the latest news, attractive offers and a wide range of operational reports.

Title stories and background info of the popular Unimog Magazine.

Since its first edition in 1953, the publication has often changed its name from the "Unimog Ratgeber" (Unimog Guidebook) to the "Unimog Journal" and then "Unimog magazine". Despite this, even today, the magazine is still what it was intended to be: a valuable guidebook which provides important information in a professional yet entertaining way.

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