Safety concept impresses the Thuringian road maintenance company.

TSI runs regular training courses for Unimog drivers.

As an expert in road maintenance, Thüringer Straßenwartungs- und Instandhaltungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG (TSI) relies on Unimogs for many aspects of its work. This special truck also plays an important role in the company's internal professional training courses. TSI will be using ten new Unimog U 530s to carry out its tried and tested series of Unimog and truck driver safety training courses in future.

Holding continuing and advanced training courses, and retrofitting vehicles with the latest technology ensures quality and performance.


Thüringer Straßenwartungs- und Instandhaltungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG

A drop in the number of claims demonstrates measurable success.

For almost ten years, this road maintenance services company has been running regular driver training courses at the ADAC Hessen/Thuringia site in Nohra near Weimar. On each occasion, some 20 of its employees who drive Unimogs and trucks spend an entire day considering safety-related topics. After classroom-based lessons on the sophisticated Mercedes-Benz safety concept, course participants can then get behind the wheel to experience the Unimog's numerous safety features for themselves.

And it pays off. According to a risk analysis carried out by TSI's insurance company, the number of claims submitted by TSI has fallen by around 15 percent over the last five years. TSI is convinced that "holding continuing and advanced training courses, and retrofitting vehicles with the latest technology ensures our company's quality and performance".

Watch the video of the Unimog in action on TSI driver training:

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A diverse company profile.

TSI GmbH & Co.KG was established in 1996 as a company wholly owned by the state of Thuringia for repairing and maintaining large parts of Thuringia's road network. Setting up a service provider that was regulated by the market economy made the Free State of Thuringia something of a pioneer in Germany at the time, and made a substantial contribution towards relieving the burden on the regional budget.

Since then, TSI GmbH & Co. KG has developed into a provider of comprehensive road maintenance services. This innovative service provider can now boast years of experience and expertise in road maintenance. Fully privatised in 2002, the company now looks after numerous road networks - roads in and between local towns and villages, main roads, federal highways and motorways as well as surfaced areas owned by private clients. Almost 260 vehicles, including a number of Unimogs, are on call 24/7 for these tasks.

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