Mercedes-Benz Genuine stowage compartments
for Unimog implement carrier Euro VI.


More space for important things: extra storage space in the Unimog implement carrier.

Plenty of space for driver and equipment – the generous Unimog cab is designed to provide both. And the Genuine stowage compartments from Mercedes-Benz provide even more space for work equipment or personal items. Located next to and in the centre console, the equipment parts provide a spacious solution for anyone who likes to have important things ready to hand. Visit your Unimog Service Partner now and find out more!

Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts

Practical and comfortable.

Additional stowage space in an instant.

All over the world, operators carry out a very varied range of tasks with the Unimog. External conditions may change, but Mercedes-Benz standards remain – with regard to comfort and occupational safety, for example. With Mercedes-Benz stowage compartments, you can create more space in your current model series Unimog implement carrier.

An extra for driver and co-driver.

As a true workhorse, the Unimog has a lot to cope with. That's why the Genuine stowage compartments are made of robust material and designed to fit precisely. Because Mercedes-Benz places importance on stability and durability. Thanks to the location next to and in the centre console, the driver and co-driver benefit from the extended stowage area.

At a glance

Familiar quality from Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts.

  • Optimum fit
  • Ideal use of space
  • Stable, robust materials
  • Extended stowage area
  • 1 year warranty

Part number

Find the right part.

Your lucky number: the appropriate part number in the Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks range.

  • Stowage compartment for driver next to centre console for U 216 – U 530

  • B6 6 26 0347

  • Stowage compartment for driver in centre console for U 216 – U 530

  • B6 6 26 0355

  • Stowage compartment for co-driver next to centre console for U 216 – U 530

  • B6 6 26 0348