Expert advice for your older Unimog model.

What does an extensive restoration of my Unimog entail? How do I interpret the information in the vehicle data sheet of my older Unimog model? What spare parts do I need for my Unimog U 411?

Our experienced experts in Gaggenau are here to answer these and many other questions regarding the technical features of the various older Unimog types right up to the 2002 models.

From the Unimog's Ochsenkopf logo to a Unimog U 2400.

You can contact the Unimog Museum for advice on your older Unimog either by email at or by calling +49 (0)7225 981 3150 on Tuesdays between 9 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. Please note that the experts in Gaggenau cannot answer questions about bodies and implements or manufacturer's certificates.

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You can reach the Unimog experts by:

  • e-mail at
  • phone on +49 (0)7225 981 3150 (Tuesdays 9 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.)



The Unimog Museum in the north of the Black Forest.

Since 2006 – 55 years after the first Unimog 2010 left the assembly hall at the Daimler-Benz plant in Gaggenau on 3 June 1951 – the Unimog Museum has been a firm favourite with drivers and fans of this unique vehicle, as well as a strategic partner for the manufacturer on all things regarding the classic Unimog. Over an area of almost 8,000m², young and old can explore the exhibited vehicles and discover cut-away models, photos, films and stories. The Unimog obstacle course featuring steep uphill and downhill gradients and tipping angles is a real highlight of the museum.

visit the Gaggenau Unimog Museum website here

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