Unimog Team Fitzen.

The most well-known Unimog YouTubers from northern Germany.

Their hearts beat to the rhythm of engines, their stomping ground is agricultural technology and their partner is the Unimog. Team Fitzen's recipe for success is quite simple. Moritz Gerau, Henning Heitmann and the whole team have quickly won the hearts of the YouTube community with their passion for agricultural machines and a lot of charm. In 2017 they launched their video channel and today more than 20,000 subscribers follow what the lads from northern Germany's Fitzen do with their Unimog.

"We are farmers" are the words of a song from one of their popular videos. And that more or less really hits the nail on the head. It all started with a red Unimog U 1000 424 equipped for agricultural operations which the friends bought together with money they had saved. Henning had just completed his training as a farmer and was looking for a suitable vehicle for operations in the dairy cattle business which he runs together with his father. The young machine fans were quickly impressed by the all-rounder from Mercedes-Benz. And they didn't want to beat around the bush with their enthusiasm. So they took the plunge with: Unimog Team Fitzen goes YouTube.

YouTube was followed by channels on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. In the main, the content produced by Unimog Team Fitzen still has its roots in the field of agriculture. However, in addition to exciting operations with their Unimog, the northern German YouTubers also report regularly on events and restoration projects. They even went overseas for a training project.

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