Unimog U 323.

The efficient vehicle solution for transport and municipal tasks.

The Unimog U 323 is an efficient all-rounder and the ideal vehicle for local authorities, contractors and service providers. The vehicle covers a broad spectrum of operations for which an entire fleet would otherwise be necessary.

With its long wheelbase and the large platform, it can carry high payloads. And it also has sufficient power reserves: the top model of the 300 model series takes to the road with an impressive 231 hp. The weight categories and wheelbases of a U 423 combine with compact dimensions and manoeuvrability which make the Unimog U 318 so respected as a specialist vehicle. And all of that comes with an appealing price-performance ratio.

Its clever combination of benefits make the Unimog U 323 a flexible all-rounder:

  • Modern panoramic cab
  • Two wheelbases available
  • High payload, up to 14 t permissible gross vehicle weight
  • Numerous different tyre options, suitable for the most diverse of tasks
  • Output from 170 kW/231 hp

Compact, flexible, practical – the Unimog has versatility in its genes.

Be it clearing snow, gritting, cleaning, or even transport tasks and crane work, the Unimog U 323 proves itself as a versatile and frugal vehicle with great off-roading capabilities. These characteristics mean it is optimally equipped to deal with the demanding tasks of local authorities, agricultural operations or the construction industry. Whether equipped with a tipper platform, a front-mounted loader or swap bodies, standardised interfaces ensure rapid installation and removal of implements and bodies. Meanwhile, compact dimensions ensure high manoeuvrability. Plus, the Unimog U 323 provides a selection of special equipment which makes it even more versatile:

  • Transmission-run power take-off (PTO) with 6-hole flange (e.g. for crane body or high-pressure pumps)
  • Various hydraulic systems available, e.g. the fully-proportional dual-circuit hydraulics system with snowplough relief
  • AutomaticShift
  • Three-sided tipper platform
  • Preparation for front power take-off shaft (to enable subsequent retrofitting)

Winter services. Comfortable and safe.

The Unimog U 323 makes for comfortable and safe snow clearing and gritting. Implements, hydraulics and driving functions can all be conveniently controlled using a multifunction joystick from the driver's seat. Large-dimensioned glazing in the modern panoramic cab ensures a clear view of the vehicle surroundings and front-mounted implements whilst also guaranteeing excellent all-round visibility. For maximum safety when carrying out winter service operations, ABS, all-wheel drive and differential locks are all also on-board.

The Unimog U 323 brings economy to the road.

A high payload with a permissible gross vehicle weight of 13.8 t (with a wheelbase of 3000 mm) or 14 t (with a wheelbase of 3600 mm), a large transport volume and the ability to rapidly change location make the Unimog a powerful partner in transport operations. And all the time, the Unimog remains nimble: with road speeds of up to 90 km/h, it is perfectly suited to motorway driving.

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