Everything in just one single vehicle.

The Unimog U 323 reliably deals with all kinds of assignments.

The top model of the mid-range series, the U 323, combines performance with compact dimensions and excellent manoeuvrability, making it a true specialist for winter service work and transportation tasks.

Comfortable carry out clearing and spreading operations.

The ergonomic panoramic cab with an unimpeded view of front-mounted implements, together with ABS, all-wheel drive and differential locks, all ensure stress-free clearing of ice and snow in wintry conditions. The multifunction joystick offers you convenient control of implements, the hydraulics system and a number of driving functions.

Economical transportation.

High payload, large load capacity, time-saving switching between the different task locations and, last but by no means least, fuel-efficient operation: these advantages are what make the Unimog U 323 such an economical choice. Furthermore, it is also suitable for driving on motorways (up to 90 km/h) and, with its low kerb weight, it offers a permissible gross vehicle weight of up to 14 t.

A professional solution for special tasks.

The Unimog U 323 offers an impressive performance package suited to special applications, such as for use as a crane vehicle. With its transmission-run power take-off, a powerful 170 kW/231 hp engine, and a high payload, it is the ideal vehicle for dealing with especially demanding challenges as part of municipal operations, construction work or agricultural tasks.

Flexibly handle tasks that arise during the course of the year.

With a tipper platform, a front loader or demountable bodies, such as a water tank, the Unimog U 323 demonstrates its talent as an ideal working vehicle which is equally suited to transport tasks, day in day out. This is thanks to the standardised interfaces for quick mounting and removal of implements, as well as compact dimensions which allow for great manoeuvrability.

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