The new Unimog U 323.

The new top-of-the-line model of the 300 Series with 231 hp.

The new Unimog U 323 is the efficient vehicle solution for winter road maintenance and transport tasks. It combines the power output, weight classes and wheelbases of a Unimog U 423 with the economic efficiency of the popular Unimog U 318. This new mid-size model allows many jobs to be done in a professional manner with an attractive price/performance ratio.

Compact all-wheel-drive vehicle.

From snow-clearing, gritting or cleaning to transport to crane work – the Unimog U 323 is versatile and economical with an off-road capability. The U 323 not only impresses with a more powerful engine than the U 318, but also offers a selection of special equipment options that customers value about the U 423: such as the power take-off from the transmission, which can be used to operate cranes or high-pressure pumps, AutomaticShift and several hydraulic options, e.g. fully proportional 2-circuit hydraulics with snow plough weight transfer.

Winter road maintenance. Relaxed and safe.

The Unimog U 323 makes for convenient and safe snow-clearing and gritting. Implement/hydraulic/driving functions can be conveniently controlled and operated from the driver's seat using the multifunction joystick. Large panorama windows in the state-of-the-art open-vision cab provide a clear view of the surrounding area and front-mounted attachments while affording excellent all-round visibility. Maximum safety during winter road maintenance is additionally guaranteed by ABS, all-wheel drive and differential locks.

Economical and fuel-efficient in operation.

The Unimog is ideal for transport tasks thanks to its high payload with a permissible gross vehicle weight of 13.8 tonnes (with 3000 mm wheelbase) or 14 tonnes (with 3600 mm wheelbase), high transport capacity and time-saving switching between the different places of use. Even so, the universal implement carrier is no slouch on the road: with a driving speed of up to 90 km/h, it is fully suitable for travel on the motorway.

Professional solution for special tasks.

Special assignments can be skilfully handled with the Unimog. Its power take-off with 6-hole flange and powerful engine (170 kW/231 hp) make it ideally suitable for challenging tasks at municipal authorities as well as in agriculture and the construction industry. Whether with tipper platform, front loader or demountable bodies: high manoeuvrability is ensured by standardised interfaces for fast mounting/demounting of implements as well as by the vehicle's compact dimensions.  

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The Unimog U 323

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