Natural Gas Technology.

Quiet on the way. Economical in consumption.

He is quiet on the way, the gas powered Econic NGT (Natural Gas Technology). And he is careful with the environment and your wallet: With the new, reliable and economical Euro VI- gas powered engine it's a very low emission and low noise level vehicle. The Econic NGT has a powerful and high-torque engine and so it is absolutely equivalent to the diesel motor. In addition he sets new standards in the category envorionment protection because the CO2-emmissions are 20 % less than the value of a diesel engine. Using of biogas the CO2-values are even more attractive.

With biogas almost climate-neutral.

Wether with natural gas or with regenerative biogas - the Econic is achieving even more as the required values and cares for cleaner und environment-friendly metropolitan areas. This ist the reason why Mercedes-Benz developed the gas-engine on the base of a really modern engine-generation especially for the Euro VI-specification. The result is the new Econic NGT in the varieties of 1830 and 2630.

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